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Lists Of Features


With overview & best seller charts, latest 5 (sales, quotes, purchases & transfers).


Standard, combo and digital products, add, edit, delete & view (wan reports), print barcodes & labels, import by csv, adjust quantity and update bulk price.


Add, edit, delete & view sales, payments (multiple add, edit, delete & prints), receive payment online (Paypal & record delivery order for sales, gift cards (add, sell, edit, delete & prints), and return sales.


Add, edit, delete & view quotes, add sale or purchase from quotes, downlaod as pdf and email quotes.


Add, edit, delete & view purchases, payments (multiple add, edit, delete & prints), expenses (add, edit, delete & prints), and add purcahse by csv file.


Transfer products in warehouses, add, edit, delete & view transfers, with status and add by csv file.


Add staff users and related actions, Billers (seihogeo), Customers & Suppliers with import by csv option.


Staff & customer notifications option.


System settings to easily set correct settings as you need, option to manage logo, currencies, categories, variants, customer groups, tax rates, warehouses, email templates, group permissions, backups and updates.


Overview and warehouse stock chart, product quantity and expiry alerts, daily, monthly, custom sales, payments, profit and/or loss, purchases, categories, customers, suppliers and staff reports.


Calendar, Calculator and much more with detailed documentation.

POS (Point of Sale)

New design,easy to use on touc h screen devices, separate register for each staff, register reports, virtual keyboard, suspend sales, open suspended sa les in pos, print order and bill, option to display bill screen to customers,accept credit card with Stripe and Paypal Pro, POS settings page to set your pas as you need, accept multiple payments, add sale, payment and staff notes, quick cash button.

Our Clients

Some of the awesome clients we have worked with.

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